Family Friendly Retreat in the Mural Town of Sheffield

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Your host!

Meet Jo Treloar, seen this weekend on the ToyRun... The largest gathering of
motorbike riders in Tasmania happens every year regardless of the weather on
the day. The Motorcycle Riders Association South organises the charity run
for the Salvation Army. Read more:

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Starting up Mount Roland Track

Mount Roland looks really impressive. But seriously, the walk is not all that tough! Great reward to climb a prominent peak like this, and find a geocache on the top if you are in the know!

Mount Roland

Mount Roland is one of the coolest walks in the hood. With varied terrain,
ranging from swamps to moraine fields. All very navigatable for almost any
reasonably fit person. Very rewarding walk, perfect for you and your
teenagers. Allow the whole day as the walk itself is about 4 hours, plus all
your photo stops!

Welcome to Sheffield Cabins!

Well here you have it. Your family friendly guarding creature, your natural
ferny surrounds, peace, quiet, what more do you need on holidays? Uhm,
activities? Sure, jump in the car and drive to the nearby Village of Lower
Crackpot, have a pancake, a hot chocolate and get lost in the Tazmazia maze
with the kids. Grandma can check out the adjoining lavender farm - lovely


Comfortable Family Friendly Cabins

We thought we'd show you some of these pictures we just made of one of our
cabins. The bunk room isn't shown here, but you can imagine!

Of course we recommend you come yourself and check us out over summer.